Terms and Conditions

Before accommodation of your request on our site please mindfully read the accompanying terms and conditions. If it's not too much trouble remember that you will undoubtedly take after these terms and conditions and also our terms of utilization by presenting a request.


Contract Is formed between You and Mobile Master !


Our site is planned for use by individuals enlisted with us and inhabitant in Australia. At our complete caution we may acknowledge or dismiss orders from individuals outside of these regions.


Your agreement with us will be shaped when we get your offer request. It will fuse these terms and conditions and our terms of utilization. It would be ideal if you click on the "How It Works" page for more data.


Be that as it may, whenever amid the term of agreement, we have the ability to sub-contract, charge, discard or generally promote exchange an agreement or any of the commitments emerging out of the agreement. You can wipe out the agreement set up between us whenever till the time you may send us the telephone gave the accompanying conditions are satisfied:

  • The transaction and finish of agreement was exclusively by method for far off correspondence
  • You are acting not for the motivations behind any business so you should be a person.


You won't be at risk for the payment of any organization charges or for any support for the cancelation of agreement in the event that you wipe out the agreement amid the chilling period. Likewise a notice in composing is required for the cancelation of agreement.


You should possess all rights, title and interests in any phone(s) that you send to us. By sending your offer request you announce that you are the valid and legitimate proprietor of, and have great title to, the encased phone(s) and thusly, you affirm that you am lawfully approved to offer or discard this phone(s) at your own particular attentiveness.


Responsibility for phone(s) will go to us when we get the mobile, as per these terms and conditions, and we have dispatched payment to you, when, subsequently, an agreement will be shaped.


The agreement amongst you and us is official on you and us and on our individual successors and doles out.


You may not exchange, allocate, charge or generally discard an agreement, or any of your rights or commitments emerging under it, without our earlier composed assent.


We may exchange, assign, charge, sub-contract or generally discard an agreement, or any of our rights or commitments emerging under it, whenever amid the term of the agreement.


Gadgets and Phones

Mobile Phones or device/gadget which is sold should be same as the make and model said in the deal arrange and might satisfy the conditions given beneath:



  • Be ready to turn on and turn off (with all keys under working conditions)

  • Have a working framework that is in completely working condition (programming)
  • Have a workable touch screen if the gadget or telephone is touch screened. Keep in mind that splits and harms won't be satisfactory by any means
  • Have a completely working screen
  • Be fit for being practical. (Ordinary wear and tears will be satisfactory)
  • Not be harmed by water or some other fluid
  • Have its battery alongside (the charger or memory card can be kept)
  • (Functional mobile incorporate fit for making calls, video and all different elements)



  • Any gadget or cell telephone should be sold might:

  • Be in one entire piece and shouldn't be broken into two pieces
  • Have its battery anyway you can keep the charger, earphone, memory card, and so forth
  • Be complete handset and any parts or segments should not miss
  • Any "enactment lock" must not be connected to the iphones or apple gadgets planned available to be purchased and should be deregistered from icloud accounts assuming any. Mobile must be opened while any telephone or gadget bolted to any remote based system will be rejected.
  • You give the guarantee of your telephone conformed to these terms by presenting a deal request through our site.



The costs which we offer at our site are liable to change without earlier notice.

The costs which we quote are ensured for the time of 14 days from the endorsement of request date. In the event that your telephone has been gotten after expiry of 14 days time frame then the present cost winning at site will be connected.


Guarantee by Consumers

You should satisfy the accompanying conditions while presenting the request through our site

  • Our site is proposed for use by individuals enrolled with us and occupant in Australia. At our complete tact we may acknowledge or dismiss orders from individuals outside of these regions.
  • You are skilled lawfully of going into an authoritative understanding or contract
  • Your age is equivalent to or above 18 years; or you have acquired the assent of your folks or gatekeeper for offering of your telephone/device in return of the total showed by means of our site on the off chance that you are less than 18 years old years.

We are not obligated to your folks for any of the cases, in the event that you are sending the telephone to us in break of the aforementioned guarantee.


Guarantee by Businesses

You should confirm to the accompanying on the off chance that you are reaching us just like a business:

  • You are approved to follow up for the benefit of the enlisted business;
  • You are situated in Australia; and
  • You are getting to our site from that nation; and
  • You are legitimately equipped for going into a coupling contract.
  • You are able legitimately of going into an official understanding or contract;


Sim Card

You are in charge of dropping any broadcast appointment contract connected to every gadget. We are not in charge of any call costs emerging some time recently, or after, receipt of your gadget, or emerging from whatever other circumstances at all. Any SIM cards got by us are non-returnable.



Costs offered on our site are liable to change whenever without notification.

At the point when your request has been set, the costs cited are ensured for 14 days from the 'Request Approved' date. (This is the date on which we send you an affirmation letter and Post Paid pack.) If your mobile are gotten following 14 days from the 'Request Approved' date, the up-dated, current costs will apply. This could frustrate - so to help you, we'll send an update email amid the 14 day ensure period.



We pay for postage of your telephone to us. Simply utilize the Mobile Master Post Paid pack. We don't acknowledge obligation regarding non-conveyance of mobile or harm in travel. We in this manner prescribe that you send any high esteem units by means of enlisted post to guarantee effective conveyance.


To Address


We offer an alternative of check or bank transfer and different choices at our prudence. You will be required to choose an payment alternative while putting in each online offer request.

When we get your request, we will watch that it is finished, and that it meets our terms and conditions. Giving it does, we will post/make payment to you, with check or bank transfer, inside 48 hours (Monday to Friday working hours apply).


Check Payments

Check and Voucher payments must be made to the name and address given when you enlist.

In the event that you have harmed your check or voucher (unactivated), you can have it reissued, for nothing out of pocket, by posting us a composed demand and including the harmed check or voucher to the accompanying location:


Bank Transfer payments

Bank Transfer payments must be made to the record subtle elements given while putting in the online request. We can't, under any circumstances, review or reissue bank exchange payments once they have been made.