About Your Device

In what capacity would I be able to tell if my telephone is working or broken?

Every cellular ought to:

Turn on and off (very little utilize generally)
Be completely utilitarian (Normal corrective wear and tear is satisfactory)
Have a working screen (touch screens must not be split it will be classed as flawed)
Incorporate its battery (you can keep memory card, charger, and so forth)
Not water-harmed

What must I incorporate with my handset ?

We simply require the handset with its battery.

Imagine a scenario where my handset / Gadget is not on your rundown.

If it's not too much trouble, utilize our sell my mobile' to search by list or manufacturer. If you still cant find you device / gadget model, simply drop us message through contact us page.

Do I get a higher cost for another handset / gadget ?

On the off chance that it's another handset and its completely working then yes!

Imagine a scenario in which my telephone is Network bolted

We acknowledge Network bolted handsets and pay in full.