General Help

What happens to my phone(s)?

A large portion of the mobile are sent for reuse in business sectors, for example, China, Africa, Pakistan and India conveying enhanced and more boundless correspondences to these creating economies.

Do you offer mobile?

All the mobile we buy are redistributed in mass to different endorsed accomplices in creating nations. We don't offer to the overall population.

To enquire about turning into an affirmed accomplice, please contact Mobile Master.

Do I pay for postage when sending my phone(s)?

No, Moibile Master will send you free prepaid satchel which includes delivery note and posting instructions. You just have to drop to the nearest post office.

Sadly, we can't acknowledge obligation regarding non-conveyance of mobile. We prescribe that you overhaul our freepost sack to enlisted administration for track, follow and marked for conveyance. This update will cost you $3.05 and will give you $100 protection. Further protection will cost $1.30 per each extra $100.

What must I incorporate with my handset?

We jump at the chance to keep things basic. So we simply require the handset / gadget with its battery.

Imagine a scenario where my Handset / gadget is blocked.

On the off chance that your handset / gadget is blocked, it is likely it has been accounted for lost or stolen. We don't buy blocked handsets. In the event that you are the legitimate proprietor of a blocked handset, we propose you contact your administration supplier to have the Handset / gadget unblocked before sending to us.

Do you acknowledge fake/fake mobile ?

There is a developing number of fake mobile. These handsets look fundamentally the same as authentic items yet are unlawfully delivered and may turn out to be risky to utilize. We don't acknowledge any non-honest to goodness items. Prominent fake models incorporate the Nokia N95, Nokia Arte, Apple iPhone and Samsung F480 Tocco.

Do you acknowledge stolen mobile ?

We don't care for cheats and certainly don't acknowledge stolen handset / gadget. We check all got handset / gadget to guarantee they are not blocked (enlisted lost or stolen).